Bilingual Benefits Guides & Forms

bilingual benefits guides and forms

With the continued growth of the Spanish speaking only population in the Houston area, the use of bilingual documents in the workplace is critical. Regulations require benefits and human resources information is accessible to all employees. Companies shouldpresent benefits information, employment information, educational resources and communications in the languages used by employees.

“37% (of persons 5 years and older) speak Spanish at home in Houston...” and nearly one quarter of Houstonians are not fluent in English. – US Census Bureau

Clarus’ expert bilingual team has prepared a library of information and educational resources in both English and Spanish.Your Spanish-speaking employees will receive comprehensive, understandable documents and tools, allowing them to select their benefits and review human resources policies.

We are available to:

  • Translate and prepare custom forms and online tools
  • Conduct employee meetings for Spanish-speaking employees
  • Provide customer service solutions for Spanish-speaking employees

Call today to see how we can help you communicate with your bilingual employees easily and effectively.

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