Health Care Reform Compliance

health care reform compliance

One of our primary services is to keep your company informed of health care reform changes, how it may impact your company, and advise you accordingly.

Through collaboration with our attorneys and legal experts, we have access to the latest information and expert feedback on current legislation. Employers must understand reform and anticipate the consequences of these changes in order to obtain the best benefits for the employee without suffering financially themselves.

Critical Impact Areas

  • Market segmentation
  • Employer mandates & penalties
  • Individual mandates & penalties
  • Employer reporting (W-2, 6055 & 6056)
  • Annual & lifetime limits
  • Limits on cost sharing
  • Excessive waiting periods
  • Pre-existing condition exclusions
  • Coverage for clinical trial participants
  • Health FSA, HRA & Cafeteria Plans
  • Nondiscrimination rules
  • Cadillac tax
  • Medicare tax
  • Automatic enrollment
  • Exchange notice
  • Summary of Benefits & Coverage
  • 60 day notice of plan changes
  • Statement of grandfathered status
  • Notice of rescission
  • Notice of patient protections and selection of providers
  • Wellness programs
  • PCORI fees
  • Reinsurance fees
  • Health insurance provider fees
  • Preventive care services
  • Dependent coverage
  • Patient protections

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